Black Friday Budget Blues

This week sees two set-piece events in danger of being ruined by impatience and spin. On Wednesday, Philip Hammond unveils his first budget since he moved its timing from March to November, ending the farce of the Pre-Budget, or Autumn, Statement so beloved of Gordon Brown. When I say “unveiled” should I say “confirmed” as it has become a tradition of Chancellors of the Exchequer to leak most of the juicy elements of the statement to the press in the days ahead of the statement? Spreadsheet Phil, surely the least charismatic Chancellor since, er, Alistair Darling, has allowed his spin doctors to leak the following in recent days: Increased spending on housing; A levy on plastic bottles; Ref

Time wasting is good for your business

These days it is extremely dangerous to quote Morrissey. The former frontman of The Smiths has a Farage-like tendency to emit some comments that flirt with xenophobia. I hope this is to wind people up rather than because he actually believes the guff he speaks. That said, it’s hard not to identify with the sentiments of his recent single Spent The Day in Bed, which promotes the benefits of loafing at home while “Workers stay enslaved”. As a recent convert to the world of the self-employed, it is easier for me to follow the Mozza’s advice. I don’t have to call in ‘sick’, don’t have make a pretence to have a duvet day. Yet I don’t spend the day in bed. Why? Partially because the only person I

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