The joy of consensual politics

Last Thursday I witnessed something I’d not seen for a very long time – politicians from all the major parties agreeing with, supporting and praising each other. Admittedly the cause was something any reasonable person would support, a debate about how badly banks have treated businesses. Yet someone watching the three hours of parliamentary time given up to this discussion, could not have failed to be moved by how effective and effecting politicians can be when they put party politician differences aside in a common cause. However, we were soon back to normal and nothing shows the destructive nature of partisan politics than the prospect of the US government being shut down by a budget disp

Grayling, Genius and the Speed Conundrum

Making mistakes during Cabinet reshuffles is nothing new – Blair did it, Cameron did it, Lord Liverpool probably did it, but snafus went largely unreported in those days. However, with the speed and intensity of modern communications, any error is amplified to fill a news vacuum. So, the 20 minutes Chris Grayling spent as chair of the Conservative Party after a social media error will be replayed as another example of the chaos within the May administration. Across the pond, Donald Trump’s attempts to counter the accusations in Michael Wolf’s Fire And Fury led the president of the United States to tweet that he is a “very stable genius”. This is a classic example of saying something that is

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