But seriously folks

There is something I am taking very seriously, the phrase “taking very seriously”. It seems that there is nothing – from major disasters to being kicked off Bake Off – that is not being taken, not seriously, but very seriously, these days. How has this phrase become so overused? I have a clue from my many years advising clients on crises. When the proverbial hits the fan you are often scrambling about for something to say. You are faced by a whole set of pressures: The need to respond quickly – all the more in these days of instant social media which acts as judge, jury and executioner in a matter of minutes; The need to show empathy – something that corporations and governments in particula

A year of independence

It is a year since I set up on my own with The Nisse Consultancy. After two decades as a financial journalist, and more than a decade in PR, I set out the following parameters for my business: 1: I would not employ anyone – if a job was too big for me, or I didn’t have the expertise, I’d partner with someone I knew; 2: I would only take on projects that are interesting or are for people I like and respect. Beyond that anything goes. So how has it been? Flexibility is bliss A friend who works for a large advisory firm told me he had become so specialist that no-one understood what he was doing so they all left him alone. He considered this nirvana. I said I had no commute, no office politics,

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