Every little bit of information helps

The abiding principle of financial communications, as policed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is that all shareholders should receive price sensitive information at the same time. That’s why UK-listed companies are required to disclose relevant updates via the London Stock Exchange’s Regulatory News Service (RNS). An abiding principle of employee communications is that if there is bad news about your organisation, you should share it as quickly as possible to avoid rumour and misinformation. Tesco, Britain’s largest private sector employer and one of the UK’s biggest companies, appears to have ignored both by not announcing its plan to close its fresh food counters with the potenti

The truth about energy - we can handle it

I’ve been involved in communications for the energy sector for more than a decade – nuclear, fracking, wind, tidal, energy from waste and biofuels, I’ve been there. And in that time I’ve seen project after project fail leaving the UK staring a massive energy crisis in the face. The collapse of the Wylfa nuclear development is as depressing as it was predictable, and follows the rejection of the Swansea bay tidal lagoon, the slow progress and stalling over fracking, the inertia over onshore wind and more. There are some bright spots in areas like biofuels and offshore wind, but the overall picture is of not enough being developed. Why? Lack of communication. There is a failure – primarily of

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