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Communications risk & governance

Reputational risk is now recognised as one of the most significant – at times existential – risks that a company faces.  It is rightly at or near the top of corporate risk registers.


In any single day, in any multinational organisation, there may be multiple situations where comments from executives could end up being featured in the media. These may arise from journalist interviews but are just as likely to be the result of conference speeches, social media posts, customer correspondence or marketing activity. 


Much of this is welcome; often it is planned. Some, however, is neither.

This creates a major communications governance challenge. 


How can the corporate affairs team maximise the opportunities – and yet manage the risk that these unplanned interactions inevitably bring about - in a global 24/7/365 social media driven environment? 


How can they ensure that any external communication adheres to the core messages of the organisation and does not negatively impact on the organisation’s reputation and, if it is a public company, share price?


The corporate affairs team cannot be everywhere, so good global communications governance comes relies upon:

  • Clear guidelines;

  • Understanding that good communications is everyone’s responsibility;

  • Effective training of all potential spokespeople and clear, easy to understand and easy to apply materials.


Boasting extensive experience of journalism, investor relations and communications, both in-house and agency, the NB Communications Governance team is ideally placed to provide consultancy, support and training to deliver effective global governance for external communications.

What we can offer:

  • A review of corporate communication governance guidelines and procedures using our years of experience of global governance implementation and adherence;

  • Consultation on materials including social media guidelines and crisis bibles to ensure they are current, practical and work across multiple jurisdictions and cultures, drawing on our experience of drafting and implementing these guidelines;

  • A comprehensive, flexible and responsive communications training and licensing programme for all spokespeople and potential spokespeople, helping them understand how they can adhere to guidelines and still communicate effectively.


About NB Associates:

Andy Berry

Andy was until December 2015 Global Head of Communications for Global Banking and Markets at HSBC, following a three-year period as Regional Head of Communications for EMEA, HSBC, leading a team of 120 communications staff across a region of 87,000 people.

Prior to HSBC, Andy spent 12 years in consulting, latterly as Head of the Financial Practice at Fishburn Hedges, where he led the accounts for financial services clients including Paragon, Moneybookers and Bank of America.  He was a key member of the team advising HM Treasury, the FSA and Bank of England on communications on Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley.

Before entering the world of communications, Andy had a 16-year career as an investment banker, advising corporates across a range of sectors on fundraisings, M&A and investor relations as a Director of the Equity Capital Markets businesses of BZW and CSFB.

Jason Nisse 

Originally a financial journalist, he spent two decades on national newspapers including The Times, Telegraph, Mail on Sunday and Independent, culminating in six years as business editor of The Independent on Sunday. 

In 2006, he became director of media relations at Barclays, leading on external relations for a complex banking group with operations located in the Far East, Africa, Europe and the Americas and facing multiple interdisciplinary governance issues. Moving into consultancy 10 years ago he has advised organisations as diverse at BT, AXA, Investec, PwC, Zurich, EY, HM Treasury and Glencore, specialising in issues management. He was a founding partner of Newgate Communications, helping grow it into a business with over 160 consultants in a dozen locations on four continents when he left in summer 2017 to form The Nisse Consultancy.

Jason has also lectured on risk and crisis communications at Harvard University.  

For more information contact: Jason Nisse 07769 688618 or Andy Berry 07767 374421

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