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Media & message training

The modern era of 24/7/365 always on digital communications is a daunting challenge - but it's also a great opportunity. How you handle the media spotlight or political scrutiny determines how you are judged by the public. Dealing with the pressure, mastering your arguments and delivering them in a controlled calm way doesn't come naturally to anyone. Fail to prepare, or prepare to fail.  


Our suite of bespoke services are designed to replicate real life scenarios - broadcast or print interviews, Select Committee meetings, analyst presentations and so on.

We can help with:

  • How the media is changing and how this affects you. Where are  the opportunities? Where are the threats?

  • Honing your message. Do you say what you mean? Is what you say understood? What are the unspoken messages?

  • Delivery. Real life simulations from poodle to Paxman to make you match-fit for the interview. These can be tailored to your specifications including: 

    • National, trade and local media;

    • TV and radio broadcast;

    • Public meetings, speeches and internal and external presentation;

    • Parliamentary committees, consultations and inquiries.


Simulation sessions can be filmed and played back to help participants understand how they come across.  We also provide tip-sheets and manuals to help you where we're not there.

The more
I practice, the luckier I get"

Gary Player
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