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Special Situations

What others call “crisis communications”, we call “special situations”. Crisis implies a lack of planning and preparedness, and the best way to deal with a special situation is to be prepared. How you react to an issue often determines how you are perceived for long afterwards.


When an issue emerges you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you know your channels of communication? 

  • Do you have clear lines of command and sign off? 

  • Have you made friends in the good times? 

  • Do you know who your spokespeople are and have they been properly trained? 


We have advised on special situations ranging from mining disasters to financial meltdowns and multi-jurisdictional data breaches. While we are able to drop everything and help you at a moment’s notice, we would rather have as much prepared as possible and minimise the potential for headless chicken syndrome. 


We offer:

  • Preparedness consultancy;

  • Desktop and real time simulations;

  • Usable crisis manuals and bibles – in plain English, ideally with decision trees;

  • Media training.

In a crisis, be aware of  the danger -
but recognise
the opportunity"

John F. Kennedy
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