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Writing seminars

AI tools, such as ChatGPT or Bard, have made it easier than ever to draft a statement, a press release, a marketing document or even a presentation. But are the results any good?

In our daily lives we are constantly writing. The average worker receives over 100 emails a day and sends more than 40. Add in WhatsApp, Snapchat, Social Media and plain old Text Messaging, this means we spend a large part of our business life writing to other people.

However, are we actually communicating when we are writing? Have we lost the art of crafting great English? Are we able to build empathy through excellent prose? And with so many different messages vying for attention, how do you grab the intended recipient’s attention?

With over two decades in journalism, and nearly as long in public relations, I have learned how to use writing as a targeted, efficient weapon in the arsenal of communications.

My small group writing seminars can teach others how to write effectively.

What we cover:

Writing: Great writing is subjective. Bad English is objective, and objectionable. Having spent three decades writing, either under our my by-line or on behalf of others, I know how to help people express themselves in the best way, be it over 280 characters or 28 pages.

I use examples, tips and both individual and group practical sessions to build constant improvements. I demonstrate the cardinal rules of writing and when to break them to unleash your inner Hemmingway.

Structures: We teach ways to organise your writing to make sure you communicate the most important points first – using Rudyard Kipling’s “six honest serving men of language” - and then support these points with crucial and additional information, cleverly organised and emphasised.

Storytelling: The best communicators build a connection with their audience. But how can you do this if you are talking about financial regulation, property investment or process engineering? I have spent over thirty years making sure what is important isn’t also dull. I do this by telling a story, finding examples, identifying touchpoints.

The seminars are aimed at taking participants out of their niche and into the wider world, helping them make their communications more engaging. Examples and “hacks” show what works and what doesn’t, helping business people communicate better. This builds confidence for both internal and external communications professionals, marketing teams and others who need to communicate and present as part of their jobs.

Good writing is like a windowpane"
George Orwell

“Jason ran an excellent workshop – fun, encouraging, engaging, creative and filled with thoughtful tips and lessons for us to absorb (and reflect on). And as an organisation we found some very creative talent hidden in our midst!”

Cathy Ashley, chief executive, Family Rights Group

“The writing workshop with Jason was really valuable to our comms team. It was a great refresher on the basics of good writing and the key things to remember when writing anything from a press release to a social media post.”

Sophie Whitney, Communications Manager, Xero

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