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Channelling my inner DONALD

Inspired by Donald Trump’s responses to the FBI investigation into his squirrelling away of classified documents I’ve decided to write a blog in the style of The Donald.

The corrupt Khan administration is turning its Tofu-powered guns on the ordinary citizens of London. Why is the Gestapo-inspired TfL OPRESSING CAR DRIVERS for exercising their historic rights to stop on a red route for five minutes when they are supporting the hard-pressed shop owners of Britain – already bombarded by back-breaking taxes – and demanding £80 a time to fund the Woke Starmtroopers of the Left-Wing Politbureau?!!?

I KNOW FOR A FACT that Sadiq Khan swans around Tooting in his vegetable-oil fuelled limousine – paid for by OUR TAXES – so his LGBTQ+ driver can keep the engine running while this diminutive Fuhrer buys his samosas and never incurs a fine. There is a war between Sadiq and his WOKERATI and the ordinary, hard-working, car and van divers of London with his ULEZ, LTNs, bike superhighways, school roads, red routes, bollards and Stasi-trained traffic wardens. BELIEVE ME, the streets of Hackney are now only safe for MILITANT VEGAN CYCLISTS.

On reflection. This comes across like some of the posts on Next Door.

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